Frequently Asked Questions

Decide Your Style

For an outdoor wedding photoshoot or outdoor engagement photoshoot, the first step should be to decide your style.
Your style is a combination of what you dream of and what you actually prepared. 🙂 Yes it seems a bit like a math or physics formula; you may dream of a country wedding, but in reality you may be doing a hall wedding. Therefore, your wedding photographer selection should not only be based on your dreams but also on your actual preparations. For example, if you choose a classical wedding dress, you cannot ask for a bohemian wedding photoshoot and if you try unfortunately it will not turn out to be as you imagined.

Do Your Research

You’ve decided your style and budget. Now you should start doing your research. For this research, you should not only use the web or social networks but also ask others such as your family members and relatives about their wedding photoshoots and album experiences

Web pages, social networks, event organisation platforms are places where you can search for your outdoor wedding photoshoot or for your wedding photographer.

Is it the attraction of wedding photoshoot campaigns offered by someone (wedding halls, organization companies, etc.)? Or is it the photoshoot as you like? You may also have to decide about this too. If you think that you can combine these two in the same option, it will be an easier choice for you.

Decide on Your Budget

You should decide on a budget for the outdoor wedding photoshoot or outdoor engagement photoshoot, which will let you to carry your unforgettable wedding or engagement memories throughout your life and even to your grandchildren, included in your wedding or engagement preparation expenses. But the budget must never be the first reason in your decisions. While choosing your wedding photographer if you have found yourself struggling between the price offers and your budget, first consider again whether you really want the outdoor wedding photoshoot or not.

Discuss in Detail

Your wedding photographer should be the person who will photograph your wedding dress, groom’s suit, all your preparations and details as well as your emotions. If you say that your feelings, your smile, your sadness and your joy should be in your wedding photos, definitely discuss with the people that you want to be your photographer in detail. If it is a wedding photographer who can impress you with their work and the photos they took before, talk to them thoroughly about the details you want in your wedding photoshoot and then make your decision.

Note: Please do not forget that the friendliness of your photographer will make it easier for you to express your feelings during the photoshoot. Working with the photographer who you feel most comfortable with, will be the first step of unique frames for you 🙂

A Romantic and Open to Discoveries Honeymoon

Cappadocia is a place that can be visited in any season of the year. There are also lots of accommodation alternatives in Cappadocia. In addition to the rich accommodation alternatives that you can compare according to your choices, we strongly recommend that you do your research about Cappadocia and get preliminary information before coming for your holiday. If you want, you can have a great time in just one of the hotels of Cappadocia or you can also go outside by preparing yourself an excellent travel plan. We would like to point out that almost every day the riot of colours of the hot air balloons decorates the sky, depending on the season and weather conditions. If you wish to have an outdoor photo shoot at Cappadocia with hot air balloons, if you wish an outdoor wedding photography and wedding photos with Cappadocia scenery and hot air balloons in the background, it goes without saying that Cappadocia should be your first choice.

Get Unforgettable Wedding Photos and Memories

Cappadocia, which has not yet been completely explored, will have a special place in your life with its unique and wonderful nature and amazing activities. In this unforgettable atmosphere, you can also have wedding photos that you will keep for the rest of your life. There are lots of activities that you can do only in Cappadocia with its many open air and indoor museums. Derinkuyu Underground City, Kaymaklı Underground City, Göreme Open Air Museum, Avanos Rocking Bridge, Avanos Pottery Workshops, Uçhisar Castle, Ürgüp Mansions are just a few examples. Cappadocia hot air balloon tour, ATV tour, horse riding tour and camel riding tours are some of the activities that can be enjoyed while in Cappadocia.